• Plastic Injection Mold

    Many years of experience in the field of plastic molds, plastic products in order to bring benefits to the user. With a workforce of young, professional, enthusiastic and creative, we offer our customers products from plastics, precision engineering products and advanced techniques. Along with the increasing demands of users, we are always searching and applying new techniques to create useful products to meet the needs of partners, customers and consumers.
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We specialize in designing and processing all kinds of injection molds, blow molds of plastic products and inject plastic products according to customer requirements and partners.
The main activity in the field of plastics engineering including molds, plastic injection moulding processing, manufacturing, machine parts for plastic mold industry.
The field provided:
_ Design, manufacturing plastic molds, extrusion, blow, stamping, casting, rubber.
_ Processing of plastics products industry, household plastic, cosmetic plastic, medical plastics, ..
_ Outsourcing blowing plastic products, extrusion, molding.
_ Precision machining on milling, turning, CNC EDM, .. to make the mold detail parts, accessories.
_ Production and Sale of plastic products, mould, injection machines.
With a team of engineers with solid expertise and experience working with partners, customers and abroad, a team of motivated, enthusiastic, Khuonnhua.net are looking forward to is the trusted partner of all partners, customers.

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